The Ellipsis, Dawid Rivers,Angielska okladka

E-book (.pdf, .epub, .mobi format)

The collection of short stories about difficult, unrequited love, and also about searching for the purpose of lif. The author presents the inner life of characters, who can not, despite being in love, find their way to each other. The book is dominated by feelings and emotions that generally destroy the characters relationships. But at the same time there is some beauty in it – the cursed beauty of „great hopes”.

The form of stories is poetic, often intertwined with poems. There are many literary references to authors such as Cortazar („Hopscotch”), Hesse („Steppenwolf”), Huxley („The Perennial Philosophy”), Exupery („The Little Prince”), Borges („The Aleph and Other Stories”) and others which author was reading when writing the book.

Number of pages: 116

Form: e-book (pdf, epub, mobi)

Autor: Dawid Rivers

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